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The curse of the one-hit wonder is a hard one to shake, especially for a newcomer with a platinum-certified international hit such as Boo’d Up. South London-born R&B singer Ella Mai broke through this year while touring this lovestruck anthem in the US – despite it being released almost 12 months prior – and there is pressure for her to cement herself in the scene beyond a single track.

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Fri Oct 12 11:00:26 CEST 2018



The perfectly fine debut from the London R&B singer offers a grip of retro, snappy jams without sounding like a pastiche.

Mon Oct 15 07:00:00 CEST 2018


The Guardian


The British singer-songwriter Ella Mai has found huge success in the States. Handpicked by behemoth hip-hop producer DJ Mustard via Instagram, her schmaltzy, throwback-style R&B track Boo’d Up this year made her the first UK artist to top the US R&B charts since 1992 (the last was Lisa Stansfield’s All Woman).

As a result, Mai’s debut album does feel distinctly American, foregoing the UK’s current love of afrobashment and garage for a sparkling sound that nostalgically nods to 90s favourites. That is, bar the distinctly English-accented, spoken-word interjections, where she announces each letter of her name with a different definition (“E” is for “emotion”, etc), until on Close she spells out, a little cloyingly, “I am Ella Mai”.

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Sun Oct 14 09:00:16 CEST 2018